As part of the branding process, we frequently talk about being put into a
funnel in order to become highly distilled. It’s another way of saying that
all of the work we do here at Mercurylab is about getting to the essence
of you and your brand so that you can harness your real power and
communicate it effectively in every way.

Most of our clients start by working one-on-one. It’s a great way to dive in
and accelerate learning about what you stand for. We have a specific
methodology that works, so all clients began the branding process by looking
within, writing about themselves and bringing those materials to our first
full-day meeting together.

Our process is effective for everyone, whether you are a photographer,
an entrepreneur, a company, a product, or an organization. The goal of all
branding and consulting is consciousness: finding the parts of your brand
that are already readily available to you, and discovering the parts you need
to know in order to become more fully your brand.

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