"Forget what you think you know...of yourself. Beth will help you lovingly yet firmly,
let go of your familiar descriptive words, so you can understand your mother-tongue,
your own language. Beth's approach transcends a practical exercise. It is an
unconventional, unexpected offering to observe your past, present and thereby,
ultimately help define the future. My time with her set me on a completely different
course and expanded my own definition of who I am professionally and creatively.
I attribute my time with Beth to setting me on a completely new course, which funnels
so many of my interests into one, new all-encompassing brand. I wouldn't have done
that without the depth and authenticity of her insight and guidance."
– Sean Gilligan, Photographer & Entrepreneur, NEW YORK

“When I try to explain to colleagues the value of my time working with Beth Taubner,
I often have to describe the experience as a psychotherapist for your career, a
chiropractor for your mind, and a GPS for your heart. Beth has repeatedly been able
to help identify, harness and push through practical and creative 'road blocks' in an
extremely personalized manner. While the process is not always comfortable or easy,
I can say with conviction that Mercury Lab has encouraged growth for me professionally
and personally.”
– Eli Schmidt, Photographer, NEW YORK

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