“Beth and Mercurylab arrived in my professional life in 2015 - a time when I felt that I
would benefit greatly from an external, highly experienced and more objective ’take’ on
a company I founded in 1985. Beth’s forensic research and subsequent analysis and
recommendations proved highly beneficial and I continue to reference many of her
findings and recommendations with regard to ongoing development of the business.
Beth and I have also gone on to develop a close personal friendship and we’ve had
many great times together. Did anyone actually ever say that business and personal
life don’t mix?“
- Andrew Coningsby, Founder and MD, Début Art and The Coningsby Gallery, London,
New York, Tokyo and Glasgow.

It was a real delight working with and getting to know Beth. As a truly insightful and
unique lady, Beth provided an engaging and thought-provoking talk at my trade show
Caffe Culture, which proved extremely popular with our attendees.
- Elliot Gard, Event Director – Caffe Culture


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