A Members Only Event at The Williams Club

Location: 15 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036

Brands are about the marriage of fact and narrative.  It's important to convey  what makes you different --
your special capabilities and traits -- so that potential customers can easily understand what sets you and
your business apart from the competition.

This presentation, schedule at the esteemed Princeton Club in NYC, in conjection with the Hamilton Club
and Willams Club, is a primer #on brand definition where I will talk about some major American brands and
give guidance on how you can definie your own brand. Learn about claiming the territory, both internally and
externally, that defines who you are and what you are offering in the marketplace.

Why is this helpful?  Getting hold of your brand will help you to be happier in your work and more sucessful
in your career, and can translate into real increases in sales.  You will come away thinking like a brand strategist,
and with some practical tools to use in looking at your own brand, no matter what business you are in.

By creating a strong, coherent and differentiated brand positioning, you will enter, sustain and maintain a happier
and stronger role in the marketplace.

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