Developing & Communicating Your Business For Greater Visibility & Success  
MODA 2016
The NEC Birmingham
Pendigo Way, Marston Green, Birmingham, West Midlands B40 1NT, UK
Seminar - 2.15-2.45pm, Hall 20 Catwalk, August 8th, 2016  
This presentation is a primer on brand definition, where Beth will talk about American and global
brands in order to help audience members understand how branding and marketing work.
Attendees will be exposed to the larger world of brand strategy and learn how brands build their
story and marketing based on brand differentiation. She will offer guidance and practical tools
on how to define and communicate your own distinctive brand and offerings to help you claim
your territory in the marketplace.   
Getting hold of your brand will help you to be happier in your work and more successful in your
business, and can lead to a real increase in market share. You will come away thinking like a brand
strategist, with practical tools to use in looking at your own brand, no matter what business you are in.  
WHO IS IT FOR: Everyone can put branding to real-world use, whether you are starting-out or expanding your brand 
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