Why We Love FedEx

May 09 2013

Two days before the Vancouver, Canada leg of my 3-week, 5-city trip last month I realized that I had forgotten my passport in New York. I was in San Francisco, and needed it to be overnighted to me before leaving for my flight. My passport made it to a FedEx location in New York before the end-of-day cutoff, and just as FedEx promised, arrived at my San Francisco hotel at 8:30AM the following morning on the dot. FedEx made me a promise, and delivered. You just don't get the same feeling of confidence from any other carrier.

Just like Q-Tip and Kleenex are synonymous with cotton swabs and tissues, FedEx is synonymous with fast, assured delivery. When a company is synonymous with a category, it is considered in the branding world to be a coined term. When we sneeze, we ask for a Kleenex, because they are the brand that defines the category.

FedEx has successfully built a credible, sustainable brand with very few blips over the years. When they do make a misstep (as everyone does), and our package gets stuck in Nashville or New Orleans, we're so upset that we vow never to use their service again. But, ultimately, we return to them, because we know that they are fast, reliable, and (almost always) on time. 

Thank you, Fedex. Vancouver was beautiful!

          image via campusentrepreneurship.wordpress.com

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