A Queen and her Dogs

April 12 2013

          Image via freakingnews.com

Ah, yes, talk about brand identification. What is about Queen Elizabeth and those corgis? If you see a corgi with or without a crown, you think about Queen Elizabeth.

In the film, "The Queen," we saw her with her headscarf and stout boots taking the dogs out on the Downs. When Thomas Struth photographed her for last year's Jubilee (Sixty Years a Queen), he talked about her relationship with the dogs at his portrait session with The Queen and Prince Phillip. Struth was at Buckingham Palace to shoot the official portrait, which of course turned out to be beautiful, formal, and a bit unsettling. He said that neither The Queen nor her husband smiled nor were animated at the shoot. Then at the end of the sitting, he took a photograph of them with the dogs, and described Queen Elizabeth's exclamations of pleasure. He said he wished that he had been able to bring the animation they showed for the dogs into the photographs. Perhaps she thinks it's not queenly to show her weakness for those corgis, but really now, the corgis are more closely alligned with her in our consciousness than Prince Charles. See a corgi, think Queen Elizabeth. That's a brand! And they certainly deserve crowns, too, don't they? 


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