Beth takes to the catwalk. Seminar at Pure London, Kensington Olympia

February 22 2017

Last week Beth returned to the fashion stage, speaking at the Pure fashion trade show at Kensington Olympia in London. She loved presenting to such an attentive and involved crowd, with a large standing room turnout. Pure London showcases very creative, current and forward thinking independent designers and manufacturers, and the halls were filled with bustling activity. We had to pull Beth away from shopping to do her talk!  

The presentation provided a great chance for Beth to express her take on Transformational Branding, and marry it with another one of her passions - fashion! Speaking about How to Communicate your Brand using Photography and Motion, she analysed some of the hottest brands out there and how they are nailing their branding, with tips on how to read their imagery and apply this to attendee’s fashion and retail businesses. 

We would like to thank Taina, Sarah and all the team at Pure, as well as all the attendees Beth spoke to after the presentation. Roll on Pure July 2017!

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A Big AOP Thank You!

November 07 2016
Thank you so much to Seamus and the staff at the Association of Photographers for inviting Beth to take part in the Beyond the Lens event. 

It was a great opportunity to speak about one of the burning topics in the industry today - Photo Cycles, and how photographers can strategically and authentically expand or hold their position in today's complex market. The audience was fantastic, and very engrossed in Beth's seminar, As always she talked about Transformational Branding, and the foundational elements involved in order to excavate and define your brand at the deepest level. She shared insight and examples on unexpected ways that other successful artists have successfully expanded based on their brand attributes. 

Beth also enjoyed meeting with artists one-on-one to conduct portfolio reviews. She always considers it an honour to speak with photographers about their work, and what is close to their hearts. 

See you next time at another AOP event! 


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Reminder, Beth at the AOP this Friday.

October 12 2016
This is a quick reminder to you all that Beth Taubner will be speaking about Photo Cycles: How to Position Yourself in the Current Environment from 1:45-3:15 on the 14th of October, and reviewing still and motion portfolios on October 17th from 11-3pm as part of the AOP open Surgeries event at the Old Truman Brewery. Please don't forget to book your portfolio review with Beth by clicking here. These slots are going quickly so grab them before they are all gone. These slots are going quickly so grab them before they are all gone.

We hope to see you all there!

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AOP Beyond the Lens: Beth speaks and reviews portfolios.

October 08 2016
We are proud to announce that Beth will be giving a talk at this year's AOP Beyond the Lens event, and we couldn't be more excited. She is thrilled to bring her international perspective as a Brand Strategist and Creative Director to her talk, and to her portfolio reviews.

On Friday, October 14th from 1:45-3:15PM, Beth will be speaking about Photo Cycles: How To Position Yourself In The Current Environment. UK folks, make a note in your diary as this is one you won't want to miss! Many photographers feel like the market is happening to them these days, so in this talk Beth will turn her expertise to unraveling some of the ways that you can calibrate your position in the marketplace, based on who you really are, and your own particulars drives and goals.

Beth will also conduct portfolio reviews on behalf of the AOP on Monday from 11-3Pm. Beth is very focused on the language aspect of your brand, so be prepared to speak about your work first, and show imagery second. Book your slot in advance here. She is interested in seeing both stills and motion, and we suggest early booking as her reviews fill up quickly.

See you there! 

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Speaking And Eating at LUNCH!

October 05 2016
A huge thank you to Chris Brazier and to all that attended Beth's presentation at Lunch! Beth dissected the realities of what it takes to build your brand and launch a successful café business to a full audience of enthusiastic food entrepreneurs.

As always, Lunch! was delicious. The stalls were busy, and the halls were packed with the rich flavours of the contemporary food scene. Lots of snacking took place, of course!

Thank you, Lunch! we hope to see you all again next year! 

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Photokina & Photoszene, Cologne: Photography, then Art

September 30 2016
Photokina was vast, Photoszene hard to find, but together these side by side events provide lots of stimulation for photo and art lovers who come from all over Europe and the UK. I gave one of two English language talks at Photokina to an engaged group of international photographers. I wanted to give this new photographic audience (as it was my first time speaking at Photokina) an insight into how brands are perceived and constructed so that they could each leave with the ability to look at their own work in a new way.

Day two consisted of three hours of back-to-back portfolio reviews with photographers from Morocco (my old home), Belgium, Germany and Austria. I applaud them all for challenging themselves to have a review in English, particularly my lovely Moroccan student, who required simultaneous translation in french (kindly supplied by Cedric Littman). Dinner followed with my old colleague Colin King, with whom I had the honour to build a fantastic annual event. ShootNYC.

Finally, Day three was devoted to Photoszene, the fine art photo festival that runs alongside Photokina every two year. Armed with a tiny little notebook and a very bad map, we saw everything from "Haymarket Check" a project developed by two smart stylists who explored questions of identity through the way that people sport their Burberry plaid, both real and fake, to Martin Classen's poignant journey along the Roman Appian way. 

Thank you, Susanne Horn, for your invitation and enormous help in making our visits possible. Also please check out the little article about my talk in PhotoPresse.

 See you next time in Cologne! 


Another invitation to join us at LUNCH! 2016

September 20 2016

Reminding you all that Beth Taubner will be returning to LUNCH! 2016 in Islington at the Business Design Centre on Wednesday 21st September from 3:15-3:45pm. Beth will be giving the presentation, Food for thought : How To Create your Brand & Launch a Successful Café Business.Please Join us! See you there. 

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Begleiten Sie uns auf der Photokina

September 13 2016

This September, Beth is thrilled to be speaking about authentic branding for the photo world for the first time at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, which takes place every two years. Her family name, Taubner, is German, and means, 'Keeper of the doves." And she fittingly had a little bird for a number of years, as many of her clients know. In fact, he actually sang German Lida. It's her first trip to Germany, so if you have any tips on what to do or where to eat in Cologne, Please drop us a line at 

Please do stop by to hear her speak on Friday, September 23rd at 15:45-16:15 at the Professional Stage, Hall 4.1, K-50, and to have your portfolio reviewed on Saturday, September 24th from 14:00-17:00. Beth is interested in seeing both still and motion samples,so please email to sign up for your slot. It's an opportunity to have a review from someone who has an international perspective, with an active base in both New York & London. Hope to see you there!

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Food for Thought at Lunch! UK 2016

September 08 2016

For the second time, we are pleased to announce that Beth will be speaking at Lunch! UK on September 21st at 3:15PM. Lunch! has been voted the most popular and highly rated gourmet food show in the UK food world. The Islington Business Center will be filled with stand after stand of amazing food and drink offerings for wholesale purchase, and for attendees to taste. It's always incredibly yummy!

Join Beth this year at her talk, Food For Thought: How to Launch a Successful Café Business. She will be sharing a case study of the cafè project that she and her team recently worked on in East London. 

Look forward to snacking with you there!

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A Big Fashionable Thank you: MODA

August 17 2016

Beth recently spoke at MODA in Birmingham, UK to a wonderful audience of retailers, designers and other fashion folk. MODA is one of the two main fashion trade shows in the UK, and it encompasses women’s, men’s, accessories, footwear, and athletic wear and lingerie, so it is a very comprehensive gathering of designers, manufacturers and retail buyers. 

For her first experience on the catwalk, Beth talked about “Why Having a Brand Matters,” with an emphasis on helping the audience to understand how global fashion brands are built so that they can learn how to do it themselves. The audience was terrific, as were the exhibitors who she had the chance to interview and chat with.

Thank you, MODA! We have lots of new ideas on what to wear for 2017!

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