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April 10 2018
Beth recently attended the Food & Drink Innovation Network (FDIN) Food to Go bi-monthly conference in London. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from seven phenomenal speakers about a wide variety of innovations, opportunities and market trends in the Food to Go segment. It was an interesting mix of statistics, personal stories and insights into the eating and buying habits of food to go consumers. 

Thank you, FDIN! We learned so much! Hope to see you soon!


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Deliverance Delivers: Building a Sustainable Food Brand

August 09 2013

Last night I was sitting and eating with some friends at Pizza Express in London. It was much better than it sounds, as many restaurants in the UK are part of chains (or chainlets) actually serve fresh, locally sourced food. Anyway. A delivery moped passed the window from, painted in red, with beautifully modern typography. First of all, the name is so smart, a great play on words that references the biblical ways in which food delivers us. The offering itself is unlike anything that I know of in NYC. Incredibly high-quality food cooked to order and delivered to your door. It's a modern version of a personal chef.

This brand is very well managed. Like many British companies, they focus on the provenance of their food sources, naming the family farms and butchers with a Royal seal of approval, purveyors to the Crown. Given that London is a wide, horizontal city where it takes hours to run an errand in Central London, communities tend to focus around the local High Street. That High Street will have Indian, Arab, and Thai restaurants plus a few pubs with gastro pub aspirations. At the same time, Brits tend to lavish lots of love and care on their homes, are very social, and just like their American counterparts, are working too hard. So Deliverance has filled a hole in the market.

It's a branding and marketing rule that the first one successfully out of the gate with a new offering will own 50% of the market. In London, you can get your food delivered from the supermarket, from a shop that stocks only frozen ready meals, like Cooks, or from you local pizza place. It seems to me that Deliverance is delivering on their name, and their service, which is another factor in building and maintaining a brand: credibility. As they've been around for 15 years, they are sustainable, credible and differentiated, the three hallmarks of brands that are set up for long-term success. New York foodies, take note!

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