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September 13 2016

This September, Beth is thrilled to be speaking about authentic branding for the photo world for the first time at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, which takes place every two years. Her family name, Taubner, is German, and means, 'Keeper of the doves." And she fittingly had a little bird for a number of years, as many of her clients know. In fact, he actually sang German Lida. It's her first trip to Germany, so if you have any tips on what to do or where to eat in Cologne, Please drop us a line at 

Please do stop by to hear her speak on Friday, September 23rd at 15:45-16:15 at the Professional Stage, Hall 4.1, K-50, and to have your portfolio reviewed on Saturday, September 24th from 14:00-17:00. Beth is interested in seeing both still and motion samples,so please email to sign up for your slot. It's an opportunity to have a review from someone who has an international perspective, with an active base in both New York & London. Hope to see you there!

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Models Who Do More: The Hyphenates Photo Shoot, including Lunchbox Fund founder Topaz Page-Green

September 27 2013

Awhile ago, I was thinking about models, those beautiful people blessed with extraordinary genes, some of whom are committed to projects and work that is much bigger and profound than you would think. My trend nose must have been twitching, as this was a bit before a few of the major fashion magazines published stories in this vein.

Anyway, I contacted my wondrous friend, photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, who is a committed humanitarian himself, to see if he would like to work on a fashion shoot that I called The Hyphenates, about models who had other active lives beyond the camera, both creative andphilanthropic.

One of the special people we photographed was Topaz Page-Green, a stunning model from South Africa who started The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing daily meals for at-risk school children in township and rural areas of South Africa, a country where 65% of all children live in poverty. This month, she was featured in American Vogue's all-important September issue. The article talked about the interesting philanthropic model she has created, and the event she is organizing for foodies in NY, where you can photograph your meal at participating restaurants, tag the restaurant, and voila! the restaurant gives a donation to the fund. It’s a clever use of the photos we all take on a daily basis, and all for a good cause.

In honor of Topaz (in Pucci) and Jihae (in Rick Owens), who was long the face of Eileen Fisher, and who is a rocking chanteuse, and Gulia, an ER nurse who continues to work in front of the camera (cleverly outfitted in Harajuku Girls Red Cross T-shirt)), I'd like to share this wonderful fashion portfolio of The Hyphenates--models who do more.

Enjoy, and do more! As I tell all my clients, go forth with your dreams and put them into action. That’s how you satisfy yourself, and also build your brand.

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Art, Photography, and Life at the Palm Springs Photo Festival 2013

May 15 2013

This year's Palm Springs Photo Festival was a blast. In addition to giving my talk on branding (kindly attended by photographers and a posse of wonderful artist representatives), we also went to a few amazing symposiums. I had the opportunity to learn even more about the museum aspect of the fine art market from an illustrious panel of experts, and to meet and review portfolios for some incredibly creative and talented photographers from all parts of the world.

Thanks, Jeff Dunas! You guys do a great job! Oh, and we saw an amazing Roger Ballen show at the divine mid-century Palm Springs Museum of Art. He is obsessed with birds. Me, too! Check the show out here.

           Photograph by Roger Ballen, Gasping 2010, Palm Springs Art Museum

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The Divine Miss M, Part Deux

August 11 2011

Our trend-watching nose was twitching when we last wrote about Miss Moss. She is just so darned influential — you want to be her, dress like her, hang out like her, be a muse like her!

Then, yesterday brought a press release from James Danziger, at Danziger Projects, a man who always has his finger on the pop culture photo zeitgeist:

Courtesy of Danziger Projects

The Kate Moss Portfolio & Other Stories
Opening May 12, 6-8pm
The portfolio (produced by Danziger Projects in collaboration with Kate Moss) contains eleven 30 x 24 inch prints by eleven of the world's leading photographers (including Bruce Weber, Chuck Close, Juergen Teller, and Annie Leibowitz) all of who have played a key role in picturing Ms. Moss.

Unlike any model in the history of fashion photography, Kate Moss has proved to be a unique subject blurring the boundaries between fashion photography and contemporary art. In a career that has lasted 23 years to date, it can be said that Moss's particular beauty and singular figure have made her more of a muse than a supermodel. No matter what she is wearing (or not wearing) Moss invariably becomes the subject of the photograph, supercharging the image and inspiring photographers to create some of their most imaginative work. Unselfconscious and unapologetic, Moss's persona and sensuality have not only changed our notions of beauty but also influenced the culture at large.

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PDN Online Calls Beth the "Photo Whisperer"

March 17 2011

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