Beth at The Photography Show, Birmingham UK

March 19 2015

For those of you in the photo world in the UK, Beth will be speaking at The Photography Show at the NEC Birmington in Birmingham on March 24th, 2015 at 1 PM. Not only is she speaking about The Psychology of Branding Building : How to Create and Communicate your Brand, but she’s also conducting portfolio reviews on Monday, March 23rd from 1:30-4:30 PM. It's a great opportunity for photographers at all levels in the industry. Please take a look at our “Upcoming Events” page for more information and visit for more details. Sign up for your review here. 

Hope to see you there!

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The Fall Photo Season, 2014

November 13 2014
I wanted to take a moment to write about the two events that I participated in this past month – Hasselblad’s ShootLDN event in London, (where else), and the Palm Springs Portfolio Reviews at PhotoExpo in NYC.

Over the past three years, ShootNYC became an important destination for professional photographers, particularly those in the higher end part of the market, as Photo Expo has taken on a broader role in the photo world. Sadly, ShootNYC is no more, but this was year two of ShootLDN, and they have admirably taken on the role of serving up great suppliers and seminars for the UK photo community. The organizers couldn’t be more gracious, and I was assisted by the swoon-worthy head of PR for Hasselblad. I would brave the cold of a Swedish winter just to hang out with him.

Jeff Dunas has built the Palm Springs Photo Festival into a must visit event that takes place in Palm Springs. The mixture of talks, seminars, reviews, and lush, delicious dinner parties held outdoors in the soft Palm Springs evenings is totally seductive. Everyone comes together from all sectors of the photo business, from curators to art buyers to fine art photographer to commercial shooters to agents. It’s an amazing event, and it’s great that Jeff has pulled together corollary opportunities for portfolio reviews at the Expo for photographers based on the east coast who cannot attend the festival. It’s always an honor to review for them, and the level of photographers that I meet and review for is deeply impressive. Two different kinds of events, both equally important and pleasurable. I’m grateful to participate, and thankful that the organizers invite me to take part. Photo world people -- please consider attending yourself in 2015.

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Leveraging the Old to Make Way for the New: The British Journal of Photography embraces the iPhone

December 18 2013

Hold on to your iPhones, photographers! The venerable British Journal of Photography has launched FLTR, a new weekly magazine dedicated to iPhone photography, published ONLY on the iPhone. This is a very progressive and forward-thinking move for a magazine with such strong historical roots, founded in Liverpool in 1854 (one hundred years before the Beatles appeared on the scene), and is typical of the smart leveraging of historical brands taking place these days in the UK.

So, about the magazine. The British Journal of Photography has a kind of fusty name, one that is a bit disconnected from how modern they really are. (That is a different brand topic for another day.) They have carved out an important role in the UK photo community, spanning the realms of commercial, fine art, critical analysis, news, events, job listings, and more. In creating FLTR, they are embracing what is going on NOW and what will be taking place in the future of the photo world, rather than pushing against the tide and ignoring or complaining about how bad things are for professional photographers. There are some compelling articles in the first issue, one by the uber-influential Kathy Ryan, and another about the impact smartphones would have had in recording dramatic events such as the attacks on 9/11.


These days, non-professionals fluidly take pictures with their phones all the time, freely documenting what they are eating, doing, where they are going, and who they spend their time with. It is estimated that more than 880 billion images will be taken over the next twelve months, with many of the images shot and shared by phone. That’s a whole lot of photos! Some of my photographer clients shoot campaigns on their iPhones, adding special lenses to bring more flexibility and refinement to the shooting process. Other clients of mine are asked to create the feel of iPhone photos – in other words, the naturalism and real life qualities of phone images, but with more technical backbone. Instagram has changed the way that we all relate to photography, and is used very actively as a major marketing tool for professionals, one where technology provides the bridge for a very personal connection between photographer and client or prospective client.

I would pay attention to this magazine, photo people. It’s another way of putting yourself out there beyond your own social media, and a great way of being part of the important conversation about what is going on in photography today.

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Art, Photography, and Life at the Palm Springs Photo Festival 2013

May 15 2013

This year's Palm Springs Photo Festival was a blast. In addition to giving my talk on branding (kindly attended by photographers and a posse of wonderful artist representatives), we also went to a few amazing symposiums. I had the opportunity to learn even more about the museum aspect of the fine art market from an illustrious panel of experts, and to meet and review portfolios for some incredibly creative and talented photographers from all parts of the world.

Thanks, Jeff Dunas! You guys do a great job! Oh, and we saw an amazing Roger Ballen show at the divine mid-century Palm Springs Museum of Art. He is obsessed with birds. Me, too! Check the show out here.

           Photograph by Roger Ballen, Gasping 2010, Palm Springs Art Museum

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