Teaching Young Entrepreneurs at The Prince’s Trust

July 12 2018
Beth is thrilled to once again contribute her expertise to young entrepreneurs at The Prince’s Trust! This transformational branding workshop will take place on July 17, 2018, from 13:00-16:00 at The Prince’s Trust House in London. 

For those of you not familiar, The Prince’s Trust is a wonderful organization that provides support and services to transform the lives of young people, professionals and entrepreneurs from ages 11 to 30. At their core, The Prince’s Trust believes every young person should have the chance to embrace exciting opportunities. Staying true to this belief, they have helped over 80,000 young people to start their own business since 1983. This is something we can all support and engage in! 

In this special workshop for The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, Beth will share her knowledge on transformational branding and will provide guidance for Enterprise programme members seeking to build and define their brand and launch their work into the marketplace. She will teach attendees what it means to discover, define and build their brand, and the tools they will need to communicate and come to market. Attendees will come away thinking like brand analysts, which will give them powerful insights into how to position their product or service successfully in the future.

For more information about The Prince’s Trust and the Enterprise programme, visit www.princes-trust.org.uk. 

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What Makes a Go-To Production Company?

June 16 2018
Calling all production companies, producers, CGI companies and animators! 

We are happy to announce that Beth will be speaking on behalf of the savvy Advertising Producers Association (APA) in London. The highly informative Marketing Now event takes place on Thursday, June 28, 2018, from 9:00-11:00am at the Picturehouse Central in Piccadilly. Beth will be the first speaker at 9:00, talking about “What Makes a Go-To Production Company” at this APA members-only event. 

She will share her expertise as to what makes a go-to production company or animator? Why should clients choose to collaborate with you to bring their brands to life? How do you define, create and maintain a clear brand voice that connects to your audiences, regardless of what part of the market you are in? In this primer on essential core branding, Beth will answer these questions and help the audience discover how to excavate, analyze, communicate and operate as a powerhouse brand.

For more information and to register, please contact APA

See you there!

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Beth Takes to the Catwalk for a Seminar at Pure London

February 23 2017
Last week Beth returned to the fashion stage, speaking at the Pure fashion trade show at Kensington Olympia in London. She loved presenting to such an attentive and involved crowd, with a large standing room turnout. Pure London showcases very creative, current and forward thinking independent designers and manufacturers, and the halls were filled with bustling activity. We had to pull Beth away from shopping to do her talk!  

The presentation provided a great chance for Beth to express her take on Transformational Branding, and marry it with another one of her passions - fashion! Speaking about How to Communicate your Brand using Photography and Motion, she analysed some of the hottest brands out there and how they are nailing their branding, with tips on how to read their imagery and apply this to attendee’s fashion and retail businesses. 

We would like to thank Taina, Sarah and all the team at Pure, as well as all the attendees Beth spoke to after the presentation. Roll on Pure July 2017!

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AOP Beyond the Lens: Beth Speaks and Reviews Portfolios

October 09 2016
We are proud to announce that Beth will be giving a talk at this year's AOP Beyond the Lens event, and we couldn't be more excited. She is thrilled to bring her international perspective as a Brand Strategist and Creative Director to her talk, and to her portfolio reviews.

On Friday, October 14 from 1:45-3:15pm, Beth will speak on the topic "Photo Cycles: How To Position Yourself In The Current Environment." UK folks, make a note in your diary as this is one you won't want to miss! Many photographers feel like the market is happening to them these days, so in this talk Beth will turn her expertise to unraveling some of the ways that you can calibrate your position in the marketplace, based on who you really are, and your own particulars drives and goals.

Beth will also conduct portfolio reviews on behalf of the AOP on Monday, October 17,  from 11:00am-3:00pm. Beth is very focused on the language aspect of your brand, so be prepared to speak about your work first, and show imagery second. Book your slot in advance here. She is interested in seeing both stills and motion, and we suggest early booking as her reviews fill up quickly.

See you there! 

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Speaking and Eating at lunch!

October 06 2016
A huge thank you to Chris Brazier and to all that attended Beth's presentation at lunch! Beth dissected the realities of what it takes to build your brand and launch a successful café business to a full audience of enthusiastic food entrepreneurs.

As always, lunch! was delicious. The stalls were busy, and the halls were packed with the rich flavours of the contemporary food scene. Lots of snacking took place, of course!

Thank you, lunch! We hope to see you all again next year! 

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Invitation to Join Us at lunch! 2016

September 21 2016
Reminding you all that Beth Taubner will be returning to lunch! 2016 in Islington at the Business Design Centre on Wednesday, September 21, from 3:15-3:45pm. Beth will be presenting on "Food for Thought : How To Create Your Brand & Launch a Successful Café Business." See you there!

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Double Header: Beth's seminar and panel for the Association of Photographers at ShootLDN

October 14 2015
A big “Thank you!” to the wonderful audiences that attended Beth’s recent events at the AOP Awards Exhibition and Seminars in London last week. We’d like to give a special thank you to the panellists that joined Beth for an insightful discussion on Friday about navigating the worlds of stills and motion – thanks to Josh Rothstein, James Gerrard-Jones, Ross Walker and Waldo Wilkinson for sharing their wisdom in this lively and educating talk. They covered a range of topics from the protocols of film production and budgeting, how to identify what your own brand is and how to express and manage this over different mediums, the differences between preparing a motion shoot compared to a stills shoot, the challenges of maintaining consistency between your stills and motion work, and how to approach writing treatments for motion work.

Saturday saw Beth riding solo as she delivered a presentation that spoke about the process commercial photographers can make to cross over into the fine art world. The seminar was a deep exploration covering both the visual and practical issues surrounding developing a fine art practice today

Once again, we thank the audience for being so receptive and appreciative, and to the AOP for hosting these events. Keep tuned to www.mercurylab.com for Beth's upcoming appearances, and email studio@mercurylab.com for enquiries regarding Beth speaking at your event.

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Beth’s Food Branding Seminar in London: “The Bread and Butter of Branding”

September 16 2015

“The Bread and Butter of Branding”

lunch! The contemporary food to go show

Friday September 25th, 2015

1:15pm, Lunch Working Theatre

Business Design Centre, Islington, London

Attendance to Lunch! is free but attendees must register here

Hey foodies, and all you folks in the food business! Beth will be speaking at Lunch! , The esteemed trade show in London catering to decision makers and buyers from the takeaway food sector (with an attendance of over 6000 people). This show is absolutely on-trend, as the takeaway market is the largest growing sector of the food business, something that Beth predicted some years ago.

Beth is the first speaker to be invited to this prestigious show to speak about the importance of Brand Creation and Definition in this deliciously exploding market. She will be speaking alongside CEOs and founders of the biggest and best names in this industry, such as EAT, Caffè Nero and Marks And Spencer. Entitled “The Bread and Butter of Branding”, Beth’s talk will feature her top line analysis of global and American food brands and how they do it. You will come away thinking like a brand strategist, and with some practical tools to use in looking at your own brand, whether you’re a chef, cafe owner, caterer or have just landed some space for your scones at the local gourmet market.

See you for lunch!

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Mercurylab in London Summer 2015 | At the Opera

July 13 2015

I want to confess to all of you that I have become the tiniest bit of an operaphile, or however it should be spelled. I came to the opera after years of resistance, having been dragged by my mother to see Gilbert & Sullivan operettas as a child and hating every moment. Then the Metropolitan Opera in NYC had a wild ticket sale to see Madame Butterfly at $25 per ticket, so off I went – and I was hooked. For visual people, the opera is, well, operatic. The extravagant scenery, defined and theatrical gestures, character defining costumes, and then, of course, there is the singing. 

In recent years, opera companies throughout the world have undertaken to bring this art form – originally of the people – to wider audiences, given that major performances with international stars, directors, and production designers are madly expensive to produce. Operas are filmed and shown at the cinema so that audiences all over the world can attend in their local theatre, while companies like the Met in NY use their piazza to simultaneously show a performance in real time, attracting thousands of viewers. The Met is grand in all of its brand expression, from its 1960s building, to the massive Chagall installations, and the extravagant grand staircase.  There are 3,800 seats. When we saw Madame Butterfly, we were literally almost sitting on the ceiling.

The Royal Opera is another story, though. The environment harks clearly to the past and to the company’s roots, with gilded boxes, silk shaded sconces, and a sense of real intimacy. It’s easy to imagine what it was like to go to the opera two hundred years ago. At the same time, this company is wildly modern in its concerns, with displays of plexiglass installations showing stage projections for their production of Don Giovanni. Although both opera houses have restaurants, the Royal Opera feels more intimate, a place where you can imagine having a tête-a-tête over a magnum of champagne before stumbling back to glory in the heroine’s dying aria.  Seeing Falstaff, reimagined as a highly designed and mannered Mad Men era world with its superficially chaste values, was an incredible way to first experience The Royal Opera and its visceral, seductive charms. 

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Beth at the Photographers Dining Club in London on April 1st

March 27 2015

Beth is very excited to have been invited to curate an evening on Discovering and Communicating Your Brand at the Photographers Dining Club at the Proud Archivist in London on April 1st. Joined by her clients, photographers Tom Parker and Squire Fox, Beth will be speaking as well as participating in an extended Q & A about the branding process, how it works, and how these two photographers have grabbed hold of their careers by working from the inside out.

The Dining Club marries two of our favorite yummy subjects: food and photography! Participants sit down for a dinner while discussing critical subjects in photography in talks given by leaders in the field. All in all, it’s a very chic event, which sold out in the first two hours! Never fear, though, as we will be posting excerpts from the event on our website in the near future, so stay tuned!

If you were not able to get a seat at the the Dining Club but still would like to meet with Beth, she will be meeting with clients old and new while she is in London. We are taking bookings until April 15th

Please contact studio@mercurylab.com to book your appointment.

See you soon!

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