Family Astrology, Tradition, and the new Prince George

July 27 2013

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For those of you who follow this type of thing, you might know that there is a new heir waiting in line to ascend the throne of Great Britain, first name of George. There have been five kings named George since the Hanoverians came over from Germany to take the reigns in Britain, including "Mad" King George who lost the War of Independence that freed the United States to begin its march towards becoming a powerful world leader. So that's a little bit of context.

I thought I might mention that the new prince is a Cancer, a traditional water sign associated with ancestry and tradition. His father is also a Cancer, as was his grandmother, the emotive and well-loved Princess Diana. Now, baby George's mother is a Capricorn, a sign associated with a steady and sure-footed move towards worldly goals (natch) and with existing forms of authority. So his parents symbolize tradition, ancestors and authority, which is kind of a perfect representation of the British monarchy’s brand essence. This is not to say that this young prince won't do things differently, as the astrology of the world seems to indicate that he was born under a more populist kind of influence. So we have many years to see how that plays out, but as they say, it's looking good! Congrats to all!

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