Go Forth! Mercurylab in London (Part One)

July 25 2014

Hello all

This summer Mercurylab is working (and playing) in London. Since opening our new studio in Battersea last year, we've slowly but surely been building up our brand in the mother country (as they say). For the next couple of months, we'll be keeping this blog up-to-date on our findings and observations, what we're up to, and what we're thinking, seeing and enjoying. Oh, and what we’re working on!

In the time we've been here thus far, we've spotted some pretty neat things. At 221b Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes, Dr, Watson, and studio manager Kyrie on the case (left); a magic alleyway, off Kensington Church Street – this is how they live in tony Holland Park (middle); and a 
mysterious painting through a window in the village of Victoria Park (right). I’m so curious to know the who and why of the woman in that painting – it’s so naïve, and very beautiful, situated in its formal red room.

Cool "now" brand Nuji may need to rethink their billboard locations.

While walking down the streets we saw this advert for Nuji, super chic and trendy British-bred website. Nuji allows users to go internet window shopping, and then add all their findings to one massive and organised wish list. Seeing this vibrant billboard surrounded by industrial waste creates a major brand disconnect. "Trending fashion" and "lifestyle products" is a hard sell when the face of your product is popping out of a garbage bin!

Make sure to stop by every week and catch up with our British escapades. There are countless opportunities for beauty, life, trends, and brand analysis. You just have to know where and what to look for!

XO Beth

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Shopping the High Street with Kate Moss

October 16 2013

Oh, Kate, you know I love you and have been faithful to you. I love seeing you in David Yurman’s evocative supermodels wearing super jewelry ads, and you are still doing worlds of good for Rimmel. I even bought the Kate Red lipstick, and it was my dear friend all last summer.

We all know that you are a girl from post-war Croydon (south of London), and that you ushered in the waif look of the 1990s, and that no matter WHAT YOU DO, all is forgiven. And that you were the model for the eighteen-carat gold statue entitled “Siren” that was shown in 2008 at the British Museum. The artist, Marc Quinn, described you as "the ideal beauty of the moment". So there you are, Kate, installed at the pinnacle of respectability and at the height of your beauty, much like Christy Turlington and the Met, whose faceless face lived on through many of the Costume Institute exhibitions, because it was “so perfect.”

But Kate! What about your collaboration on a fashion “accessories” collection for Carphone Warehouse, the massive UK discount cellphone chain? Really? iPhone and Android cell phone cases? We know you believe strongly in the high street, or you wouldn’t be doing yet another collection for Topshop. Even though haters call you “old model” in their disdain for you, we know that the over thirty-fives will care a lot about your skinny jeans and vintage inspired dresses. And it seems that China loves you, Kate, because to them you are RIGHT NOW, not 1990s or so last decade at all, and that your association with Topshop will help to provide entrée and a shopping option for the growing Chinese middle-class and their appetite for certified Western, high street fashion and beauty as embodied by Kate Moss.

I feel a little split, Kate, although I’ll always be true. I love you in Yurman, and Dior, and wearing that spikey Rimmel mascara, and I’ll even make a trip over to Topshop to see your togs next year. But Carphone Warehouse? Kate, that’s just not good for your brand – it’s only good for your wallet.

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