Double Header: Beth's seminar and panel for the Association of Photographers at ShootLDN

October 14 2015
A big “Thank you!” to the wonderful audiences that attended Beth’s recent events at the AOP Awards Exhibition and Seminars in London last week. We’d like to give a special thank you to the panellists that joined Beth for an insightful discussion on Friday about navigating the worlds of stills and motion – thanks to Josh Rothstein, James Gerrard-Jones, Ross Walker and Waldo Wilkinson for sharing their wisdom in this lively and educating talk. They covered a range of topics from the protocols of film production and budgeting, how to identify what your own brand is and how to express and manage this over different mediums, the differences between preparing a motion shoot compared to a stills shoot, the challenges of maintaining consistency between your stills and motion work, and how to approach writing treatments for motion work.

Saturday saw Beth riding solo as she delivered a presentation that spoke about the process commercial photographers can make to cross over into the fine art world. The seminar was a deep exploration covering both the visual and practical issues surrounding developing a fine art practice today

Once again, we thank the audience for being so receptive and appreciative, and to the AOP for hosting these events. Keep tuned to for Beth's upcoming appearances, and email for enquiries regarding Beth speaking at your event.

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Pro Moviemaker: Beth interviews director/photographer Josh Rothstein.

August 14 2015
The esteemed print and online publication Pro Moviemaker are publishing four interviews conducted by Beth where she talks with established artists that work in the fields of both stills and motion. 

The series is an exploration into how these artists apply their techniques to film and how they use the medium to express their own unique vision.

Josh Rothstein's works spans from celebrity portraiture to feature length humanitarian documentaries, and has worked with names such as Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Baz Luhrmann

In the first of these interviews, Beth talks with the New York based photographer and director Josh Rothstein.

Out now in the Fall 2015 issue of Pro Moviemaker

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