Photographer & Director Chris Craymer and Beth have a deep talk for ProMoviemaker

December 10 2015
Here's a sneak preview of Beth's ProMoviemaker interview with the celebrated and charming UK-born and US-based photographer Chris Craymer. Beth and Chris have had a long and productive relationship, working together on core brand development  and design projects since Chris arrived in the US. Chris took some time out from his globetrotting schedule to sit with Beth and talk about the meaning and approach to creating his genuine, heartfelt and delightful images, and the profound connections between his still and moving work. Thank you, Chris! 

The print issue of ProMoviemaker will be out in February, 2015. 

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Beth and renowned beauty photographer Sarah Silver break it down in the new issue of Pro Moviemaker

October 20 2015
Following on from last issue's Josh Rothstein article, Sarah Silver is the latest artist to be profiled in Beth's series of interviews for Pro Moviemaker, whereby over four issues Beth will be interviewing four artists that work in the field of both stills and motion.

Sarah's photographic career has seen her work for the biggest beauty brands in the world for high profile campaigns, and a long time love of dance has lead to her capturing the most famous dance companies that pass through New York on a regular basis. A love for the movement of the human body meant it was a natural progression for Sarah to start working with motion, and this interview sees her talking in depth about her unique approach to the mediums of both photography and moving image 

Out now in the Winter 2015 issue of Pro Moviemaker

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