Celebrating with our Clients: Josh Rothstein and Eli Schmidt

June 12 2015

It’s always an incredible pleasure when our wonderful clients receive recognition for the great work that they do. It’s also deep confirmation that working from your center, understanding your brand attributes and putting them into play consistently yields tangible results – sometimes really BIG results!

Hot fashion chainlet OTTE kicked off their first in a series of shows at the Gansevoort Hotel with fashion photographer Eli Schmidt. We’ve been working with Eli for the past few years, and his provocative, powerful, fashion-forward point-of-view was a logical choice for this modern, expanding fashion brand to showcase. The major turnout of fashion people showed that they clearly love Eli as much as we do! Eli is up to an amazing personal project that we will be talking about when he is ready to reveal…all!

Over the years, we’ve worked on so many different projects with Director & Photographer Josh Rothstein. We met when Josh first signed on with Sarah Laird&good company, and so began our exploration into Josh’s background, and how the attribute that was least articulated turned out to the piece that has really driven his career and projects. The most recent is the culmination of six years of work directing a long-form documentary called Dukale’s Dream, made in Ethiopia in conjunction with Hugh Jackman. Josh’s sensitive and non-judgmental approach, coupled with his strong cinematic eye and ability to improvise and create imagery in any situation is beautifully highlighted in the film about how helping a coffee farmer has eddying effects on his family, community, and ultimately, the globe.

Josh invited me to the NYC premiere last week, and I couldn’t be happier for him! Incidentally, I also just interviewed him for ProMovieMaker magazine, published in the UK, and our Q & A on the nature of what makes a hero will be interesting reading in the July issue. Stay tuned!

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