Spring Talks

February 25 2016

Spring is almost in the air and we are pleased to announce that Beth Taubner will be holding not one, but two talks in the UK! 

Beth will unveil TRANSFORMATIONAL BRANDING: A PSYCHOLOGICAL & REAL-WORLD APPROACH at Portas Presents. In this discussion, Beth will talk about the concepts behind this proprietary process, and how it helps individuals and companies excavate their own psychologies, belief systems and internal cultures to successfully come to market with authenticity, consciousness and power. 

Portas Presents is a platform for people and companies that are thinking about the marketplace and creativity in new and interesting ways. The event will be is held at Portas Agency on April 14th, 2016, and is a strictly invite only event.

                                                                               Image: Chris Lowell

Beth’s panel talk, PERSPECTIVES ON MAKING STILLS AND MOTION WORK, will shed light on one of the critical issues facing photographers today - how to embrace the ever-merging worlds of stills and moving images. Beth will talk about the core branding piece, along with esteemed UK panelists Photographer’s Agent James Gerrard-Jones of Wyatt-Clarke & Jones and Ross Walker, Art Buyer & Integrated Producer/Director.

The discussion will be held at The Photography Show, The NEC Birmingham, on March 22nd 2016 in the Video Theatre at 12:30 PM as part of their events program.


You can read more on both the talks on our Events page under Upcoming Events.

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A Quick Astrological Note on Michael Jackson

February 18 2016

Spike Lee’s new documentary on Showtime, Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall is a lovely love letter to Michael Jackson. The film is all about MJ’s music, and his evolution from child prodigy to fully developed and highly influential musical, dance and breakthrough performing artist.

What struck the psychological astrologer in me was how fully Michael lived out his astrology. Spike showcases a letter that the teenaged Michael wrote right before The Jacksons moved from Motown to Epic Records. The letter itself is filled with misspellings, but Michael is already totally clear about who he is. He writes: I AM MAGIC (this is his Pisces moon and rising sign speaking, dissolving boundaries, ruling dreams and the magical realms) and I AM A PERFECTIONIST (this is his hardworking, diligent, high expectations Virgo Sun speaking). His mother says, “He was born dancing.” (Pisces rules dancing, by the way, and you will find many dancers with the Sun, Ascendant, Venus or Mars in Pisces.)

Sometimes when I’m working with clients we do their chart, as it’s a map of the psyche, and can provide enormous insight into how each of us functions, what’s going on in our family background (where elements of your brand come from), and what your relationship is to the world out there. That’s super important, as we need to find the bridge from your inner world to the outer world so that you can consciously and clearly come to market. 

But back to Michael. Spike said in an interview that he would make a film that dealt only with Michael’s music, not any of the dark stuff. Thanks, Spike. The film gave me lots of pleasure and an opportunity to talk about how psychological astrology plays out.

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