The Mad Men Metaphor

May 20 2014


I frequently speak with my clients about the importance of seven year cycles in our lives, beginning around age 7. Imagine my pleasure when I happened to be reading an interview in Vulture with Matthew Weiner, the brilliant creator of Mad Men, in which he talks about his own cycle.

On discussing coming down to the end of the series, he says, "I wrote the pilot when I was 35, got it on the air when I was 42, and I will be 49 when it ends. That’s a huge part of my life.” From a psychological astrological perspective, he’s describing the angles of the planet Saturn moving through our charts. I find that many of my clients “feel the call” and come to me to begin working in a new major to use more of themselves as they approach any or all of these ages. Think about where you are in your career and creativity right now. Are you approaching 28, 35, 42 years old? Feeling the urge?

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Thank you WPO!

May 15 2014

Somerset House (left), Beth in action (right)

What a fantastic experience at the SONY World Photography awards gala and then at Somerset House for my two part talk on fundamentals of brand creation, and communicating your brand. Beautiful venue, wonderful hosts, and super talented photographers. Thanks, WPO!!!

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