On Trends And On The Town

September 29 2012

This fall has brought about a flurry of activity here at Mercurylab, and we’re hoping you can join us for some, or all, of the events we have during the month of October. 

I’m especially excited to announce that I’ll be a featured speaker at the super-prestigious Association of Photography in London, England, as they break in their fab new event and exhibition space in happening North London.

You all know my deep affection for the Brits, so and I’m always keeping up with the latest in their trends and marketing. On that note, as usual I'm following Burberry, who has been the brand leader in the digital presentation and sales in the luxury integrated marketing and brand strategy space. They recently announced that their expectations for growth in 2013 have contracted, and they suspect luxury goods overall are going to take a hit in the coming months.  In the mean time, Prada’s sales were up 36% last half, and news reports indicate that USA consumer confidence is the highest its been in the past seven months. 

What do these mixed messages tell us about what to expect in the year to come?
This sort of instability in the luxury goods market will no doubt impact the photography industry.  With this sort of uneasiness on the horizon, it’s imperative that photographers, and agencies, anticipate how their business and sales will be impacted.  Now more than ever, reaching new markets and broadening the scope of your work is essential.

At the Association of Photography, on Friday, October 12th, I will be presenting “How To Distill Your Brand, And Expand Your Reach,” where I will talk about how to develop your brand and use it as the foundation to penetrate new markets and increase sales, coming from the perspective of expanding out from Europe and the UK .
And I’ll be speaking at Shoot-NYC on Friday, October 26th talking about expanding your markets from the American perspective. Stay tuned for more details.

See you soon!

Photo by Mario Testino