Hi Heidi!

September 14 2010

Courtesy of Heidi Klum

Frau Heidi Klum, aka The Body — wife of Seal, mother of four, hostess of Project Runway, hostess and co-producer of Germany’s Next Top Model, Victoria’s Secret model, designer (did you know that? For Jordache, Birkenstock and Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Body), fragrance maven (Heidi Klum, and Me) and triple Gemini for those of you who wonder who the real Heidi may be — has just inked a deal to be the Creative Director and face of Astor, Coty’s European-only brand of cosmetics. Whew.

Astor is at an interesting moment in their brand development. They have been around since the early 1950s, selling modestly priced make-up allowing women to “express her beautiful best in any situation.” According to their website, Astor Live Beautifully is about the pleasure of feeling beautiful and confident; it is about the beautiful moments of life; above all it is about how beautiful it is to be a woman, to be yourself. Meanwhile, it’s clear that they are entering a moment of brand reinvention and are looking for a way to be relevent in the crowded beauty marketplace. The voice of the brand seems a bit out of step with the products and lines that women seem to gravitate towards these days, everything from Maybelline (Maybe she’s born with it, still with the best-selling Great Lash mascara beloved by women everythere) to Chanel (every time they launch a new nail polish color, it sells out in a megasecond — it’s the perfect blend of classic and trendsetting) to a playful and accessible brand like Stila.

Bernd Beetz, chief executive officer at Coty, said: "We are very excited about the new partnership between Heidi Klum and Astor. As one of the most beautiful, talented and most recognized women in the world, Heidi will play an important role in ensuring that the Astor brand continues to be seen as relevant, modern and sophisticated." Stephen Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing at Coty Beauty, said: "Heidi Klum was an obvious choice for us for brand ambassador for Astor. Her beauty is glamorous and feminine but she's also down to earth and approachable, that's why she is an inspirational role model for women of all ages." So there you are. The brand is trying to spread out, modernize, and become a more relevent player. At this point, Heidi’s powerhouse brand is bigger than theirs, and will bring them credibility and visibility through her incredible reach. According to the brand, she is going to be involved in the design of product collections "inspired by the latest runway trends". Project Runway designers, watch out! Your brand extensions are knocking at the door!